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Are you on team oily and acne-prone? Part 1 of Caring for Your Complexion.

Wondering what you should be doing during the warmer months to best care for this troublesome complexion? Or what makes an oily complexion turn into acne? I’m glad to help you decode the messages your skin is sending you! First, stop washing ya dang face in the morning. Oily, of all complexions, should not. Because your skin will flip out and produce a bunch of oil to compensate and then you will be greasy by the end of the day. And flipped out skin has a tendency to get irritated and tender (more redness and inflammation). Preserve the barrier you are given and feed it well, your skin will stop acting up, I promise.

So what does a morning routine look like for an oily/acne-prone complexion?

  1. Redistribute oil with plain warm water and konjac sponge. Be gentle!

  2. On damp skin apply 1 fingertip full of Daily Face SPF. Blend until it disappears. Mist with water or hydrosol if it starts to dry too quickly.

  3. Protect your lips from the sun with Recuperate salve.

  4. Apply any make-up you will be wearing.

  5. Drink one 8oz glass of water.

Wow! That was easy. I’m willing to bet your skin will stay looking fresh all the live-long day too. Remember to reapply SPF every few hours you plan to be out and about.

The evening routine is where the fun begins. It is the most important time for you to be caring for your skin. This is when you manage microbial populations, feed the tissues, and clear your pores. Never ever skip this routine because your body does all of its most important repair work at night while you sleep. If you miss this opportunity, your skin will show it.

  1. Massage a few pumps of oil cleanser into your face. Focusing on deeply working your trouble areas, like your nose, chin, jawline etc… you’ll be able to feel junk coming out of your pores. This step should take no less than 2 whole minutes.

  2. Using a plain gentle soap (seriously opt for unscented, no colorants, no bells or whistles bar soap) wash away the oil cleanser. Rinse with tepid water.

  3. Apply a few droppers full of our Spotless toner to a moistened konjac sponge and give the areas prone to blackheads a gentle *tap tap tap* Rinse with tepid water.

  4. While your skin is still damp apply 3-5 drops of our spotless serum. Massage it in with care.

  5. Apply Recuperate salve to your lips and as a spot treatment on any emerging blemishes. Specifically, the cystic type that are deep under the skin.

  6. Drink one 8oz glass of water.

A few more steps but on a whole shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. You’ve effectively cleaned out your pores, hydrated your tissues, stimulated collagen production, initiated lymphatic drainage, and provided a barrier against moisture loss in 6 easy steps. You’ll find that after a few weeks of this diligent work you are no longer struggling with oiliness and blemishes like you were. Welcome to homeostasis. Does this mean your skin issues will be 100% over? No, you must address the damage previously done and give attention to the cues presenting from internal problems.

Weekly maintenance isn’t required but will make a huge difference in previous damage like acne scarring, melasma, and deeper issues like cystic blemishes. For faster results, I would suggest seeking out a licensed esthetician for a series of microdermabrasions.

  1. On a clean face (steps 1 and 2 of the night routine) using a whole dropper full of our Spotless serum, practice deep breathing while doing lymphatic massage. You can purchase a gua sha scraping tool or just use your knuckles. There are lots of tutorials available, find one that fits your needs.

  2. On a moist konjac sponge apply our spotless toner over the entire face. Rinse with tepid water on a clean washcloth. Be gentle!

  3. Cook up the Moringa jelly mask according to package directions. Once it’s a safe temperature apply over the entire face. Let harden for 5-10 minutes. Peel off and clean up any debris with a cool washcloth.

  4. Apply a few drops of Spotless serum to seal in moisture.

  5. Spot treat any emerging blemishes with Recuperate salve.

  6. Drink one 8oz glass of water.

Diligence is what really pays here. While a gentle approach may seem tedious, in the long run, it is always more successful. Aggressive techniques and products have a tendency to create dependence, can do more damage than good, and are likely to have a whole lot more undesirable ingredients in them.

Spotless serum is formulated each season to:

* Regulate microbial populations. Support the good, reign in the not-so-good.

*Soothe inflammation and offer some pain relief to aggravated skin.

*Prevent moisture loss

Spotless toner is formulated each season to:

*Gently exfoliate via AHA and salicylic acids to keep pores from closing over and trapping oil, dirt, and microbes.

*Restore pH to preserve barrier.

*Deliver water-soluble vitamins directly to the issue.

Oil cleanser is formulated each season to:

*Stimulate blood flow, that redness is fresh oxygenated

blood, bearing gifts for your cells.

*Regulate microbial populations

*Break down sebum, dirt, and make-up

Jelly Mask is formulated each season to:


*Deliver water-soluble vitamins

*Regulate microbial populations.

Recuperate is a multi-use product with:

*Stimulating/drawing abilities

* Mild SPF protection.

* Microbial protection.

It can benefit anything, stagnant, stripped, chapped, irritated, or swollen.

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