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Breakout after Breakout. Part One of Decoding your Complexion

Do you feel like you are in constant struggle with breakouts? Do you find things start getting better and then fall right back into chaos after one greasy meal or missed skincare routine? Do you avoid trying new products for fear of retaliation from your skin? Are you frequently shiny and greasy by the end of the day no matter what you use? You might have an oily//acne-prone complexion.

Your own natural oil is not the bad guy in this situation per se. Blemishes happen when contaminated sebum gets trapped beneath keratin in your pores.

Things that can contaminate sebum;


environmental pollution

toxins being excreted from inside the body

comedogenic oils


The relationship your body has with said contaminant dictates the type of blemish that forms.

In my experience;

blackheads come from dirty hands//surfaces paired with infrequent exfoliation

Surface whiteheads say bacterial or fungal overgrowth from contaminated skincare products

Deeper whiteheads indicate an allergy and/or aggressive technique

Deep painful blemishes, more appropriately named cysts, show an internal struggle from toxin overload or imbalances in hormones

The moral of the story is that the presence of sebum is not the issue. In fact, when you strip away this protective mix of oils and waxes you leave your already vulnerable skin defenseless. Perpetuating a cycle of oil production, irritation, inflammation, strip, oil production, irritation, inflammation.....

So what can you do? See Part one of Caring for Your Complexion

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