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Do You Know about Magnesium as a Transdermal Collagen Supplement?

Updated: Jan 10

Magnesium is THE essential mineral. It's literally responsible for over 300 enzymatic processes, specifically to do with metabolism, heart function, brain chemistry, and skin/muscle/joint construction.

Magnesium is in high demand in your body. If you are chronically stressed out, cortisol the "stress hormone" sucks up your magnesium reserves faster than you can replenish by diet alone. Many people opt to take internal supplements to keep their levels up and avoid deficiency symptoms both minor (fatigue, achiness, nervousness) and major (arrythmias, depression, insulin resistance)

Transdermal application definitely has a place in everyone's lifestyle for the myriad of benefits and low risk, although I definitely advocate for a discussion with your doctor when managing these types of symptoms using oral magnesium supplementation.

The fact that magnesium can be absorbed through the skin is incredible! The skin is an impenetrable barrier unless it comes into contact with lipophilic substances (hence why we prefer phytosterol infused face oils over water based serums) Topically applied magnesium can sting a bit if you are deficient, and it is important to note that the more you use magnesium oil the less it stings and a persistent sting can be a great indicator to discuss oral magnesium supplementation with your doctor. Since every living skin cell has magnesium transporters, once this mineral enters the skin via hair follicles and sweat glands it can easily move through the targeted region, initiating collagen construction, regulating nerve cells, and relaxing spastic muscles. This effect can be achieved through bathing in magnesium rich salts (epsom salt bath) or consistently applying magnesium oil to affected areas.

In addition to feeding your cells a very necessary mineral you can also enjoy magnesium's humectant and antioxidant qualities, meaning it literally draws moisture to the surface of the skin and holds it there (with the help of an occlusive layer) as well as neutralizes free radicals. This provides protection from UV radiation sure, but you can also look forward to blemishes healing more quickly and evenly, less discoloration caused by damage, and filled in lines and straightened out wrinkles. Its like the skincare holy ingredient for all skin types!

Check out my favorite skincare combination at the moment using our Unscented Magnesium Oil.

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