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Face Mask Basics

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Are you ready to fine-tune your skincare routine and really see the beauty lurking just beneath the surface? Your beauty, unabridged.

Our herbal face masks are not only easy to make, but they also offer you an opportunity to respond to cues from your body.

We bring you the basics, formulated for the current season, that can be modified to be a perfect match for your current skin needs.

Will you mix with plain ole’ water?

(Psst opt for distilled water in skincare)

Maybe you need something a bit more astringent to deal with a current breakout? Apple cider vinegar can help evacuate impurities to the surface, the sooner they surface the faster they heal!

Perhaps something luxurious is in order and you will use honey for 10+ hydration points?

Dealing with blackheads and roughness? Try mixing with full fat, probiotic-rich yogurt. No added sugar, please!

Irritated or sunburned? Go for fresh Aloe Vera! Opt for homegrown rather than bottled, preservatives are undesirable while you're repairing your skin barrier!

When mixing in ✨extras✨plan on using 50-60% plain distilled water, 30% powdered mask mix, and 10-20% customized ✨extra✨by volume. This assures the texture is preserved as well as preventing potential chemical burns, apple cider vinegar I’m looking at you! 👀

We make 4 mask blends every season.

1. Essential amino acid mask- ideal for dry//damaged//thin//irritated skin types.

If glowing is what you are after, then amino acids are what you need. Derived from quinoa it’s vegan and easily absorbed into the skin. Amino acids are literally the building blocks of your DNA. Fresh amino acids=healthy DNA. Healthy DNA=optimally built skin cells. This is definitely a 2-3x a week routine over the course of several weeks for the best results. Simply mix as directed above and spread over your face with a mask brush or using your ‼️clean‼️ hands. Let sit with a warm moist towel over your face to prevent moisture evaporation for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and immediately apply an occlusive barrier to seal the deal. We suggest a heavy balm for this. ✨Extras✨ suggestions: Aloe Vera, honey, hydrosol, magnesium oil.

2. Hydrate jelly mask- ideal for all skin types

Deeply hydrating the quickest way to introduce moisture to parched complexions. Typically made with agar (a derivative of seaweed) but sometimes, as the seasons require, we add pasture-raised gelatin making this mask sometimes vegan, sometimes not. Always made with sensibly sourced materials. These masks can be enjoyed as needed or at least weekly for the best benefit. Immediate hydration can be expected and additional benefits surface after a few weeks of consistent use. This mask is best used with the help of a friend or at least poured into a mask form like this to cool and harden. Using the ratios mentioned above mix over low heat until bubbling for at least one minute stirring all the time. Remove from heat and continue stirring. The product will be extremely hot so use caution! As the mixture cools you will notice it start to thicken. Test for temperature before applying to your face. Lean your head back and pour over desired areas for a custom form fit, this is where a friend comes in handy. It will harden and cool rapidly. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and peel off in a satisfying sheet, brush away any debris and immediately apply an occlusive barrier to seal the deal. We suggest a light balm or face oil for this. ✨Extras✨ suggestions: Aloe Vera, hydrosol, fruit juice, your favorite water-based serum.

3. Deeper cleansing mask- ideal for oily//acne prone//bogged down skin types.

Soak up the excess without triggering a panic response. Oily complexions are protective ones, most often the result of chronic over-washing. This mask soaks up the oil, manages microbial populations, and attracts dirt and other impurities. This is a great one for the t-zone. Seasonally formulated with clay, whole grains, and leaves/flowers of our favorite microbiome supporting herbs so it’s always vegan. Can be used as a daily cleanser for oily prone, or as a weekly purge for all other types. You be amazed how quickly blemishes come to the surface and dry out! Simply mix using the ratios above and spread evenly over face using mask brush or ‼️clean‼️ hands. Let sit with a warm moist towel for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water, tone with pH restoring toner, and seal the moisture with an occlusive barrier. We suggest a clearing face oil for this. ✨Extras✨ suggestions: apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, aloe Vera, hydrosol.

4. Raw honey face polish combo mask- ideal for all skin types.

Gently exfoliate and hydrate in one product. Enzyme-rich raw honey ever so gently digests that outermost layer while gentle poppy seeds physically descale the surface of your skin. The longer it sits on your face the more water is exchanged too. Make sure the outside is wetter than your insides because honey is a humectant. Meaning it pulls moisture from wherever it is most abundant. Simply scoop a quarter size out and wet with the ratio given above. Mix well until a workable paste is formed. Spread over your face and let sit with a warm moist towel over your face for 10-15 minutes. Massage poppy seeds over your face before rinsing with warm water. Apply occlusive barrier immediately after. We suggest a light balm or face oil for this one. ✨Extras✨ suggestions: yogurt, aloe Vera, hydrosol, apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar.


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