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Hyper-pigmentation: Why Dark Spots Happen and How to Deal

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Feeling spotty as this cute giraffe? We totally get the concern about dark spots popping up on your face, shoulders, chest, and arms. We hope to help you-

1.) Better understand this common skin complaint.

2.) Offer some guidance on how to manage their appearance through prevention.

3.) Encourage them to fade, safely.

What is hyper-pigmentation? it is, in short, a response from your skin to damage, causing the outer most layer to produce more melanin than usual. Melanin is the pigment that gives color to your eyes, hair, and skin and is responsible for protecting you from UV radiation. Hyper-pigmentation is most usually caused from sun exposure, but can be caused by other things.

4 Types of Hyper-Pigmentation

Hyper-pigmentation can be signs of other more serious conditions. These conditions have a very specific pattern to them so be sure to bring it up to your doctor to rule out these possible causes.


What can I do to prevent?

Depending on the cause you have a few easy options.

1.) Always wear sun protection when you plan to spend more than a few minutes outside during the daytime. This includes driving! A sun hat, a physical barrier sunscreen (Try our Daily Face SPF, It smells like a monsoon rain!), protective clothing, and taking breaks in the shade.

2.) Resist the urge to pick at your zits and scabs. Apply an astringent mask to suck out the impurities and keep skin around scabs moisturized to prevent itching and scarring. Try our Spotless Cleanser mixed with apple cider vinegar to spot treat or as a purifying mask.

3.) If you are taking birth control or are sure you aren't pregnant consider talking with your doctor. You may need to switch birth control methods or have your hormone levels checked for imbalances. Unfortunately, if you are pregnant you will just have to wait it out. Melasma usually disappears after you give birth. If it persists long after you have given birth ask your doctor about having your hormone levels checked.

How can I encourage existing spots to fade quickly and safely?

Common skincare ingredients are helpful. You can always seek out formulas that target skin brightening and lightening benefits. We wanted to clue you in on what ingredients look for and their whole food sources.

Green Tea acts as skin brightener through the action of inhibiting melanin production and by encouraging blood flow to disrupt melanin bonding to receptors.


Aloe vera has long been known to repair damage caused by the sun. The active ingredient aloesin is similar in effect as the commercially available skin lightening agent hydroquinone. Aloesin is a lot easier on the skin cells, though the effect isn't quite as fast.


Licorice root contains liquertin and is chemically similar to hydroquinone. It is used to fade scars as well as pigmentation.


Kojic acid is another popular skin brightening ingredient. Interestingly, it is most prevalent in wood growing mushrooms and grazing animals. Topical application as well as internal consumption is effective at brightening complexion.


Vitamin C is the mostly widely recognized skin brightening agent. People routinely add lemon juice to their hair for beachy highlights. Our favorite vitamin C rich ingredient is rosehip. Since vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin it is best to apply rosehip fruit, over rosehip oil, for the brightening effects.


Azeliac acid is another widely used skin brightener. It is found abundantly in wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten intolerant individuals still want to avoid wheat, even topically.


Most importantly, GO SEE YOUR ESTHETICIAN! Set up a consultation, find one that shares your values on skin care, you feel comfortable with, and has experience. Let them know what your concerns are and set up a regimen.


We offer a few products that contain these hyper-pigmentation saviors, look for them in our West of 3rd location, 224 Beale St Kingman, Az

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