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Protocol for Seasonal Allergies

Right now is the perfect time to start preparing your body for pollen management. It’s easy and more effective than over-the-counter stuff at managing symptoms. It’s best started BEFORE the bloom cycle. If you missed the boat and are dealing with allergies currently this protocol will still benefit but be aware the effect won’t have the same precision and you may need to supplement for symptom management. Don’t forget to enjoy the flowers!

Looking for a tasty way to consume a demulcent? Our SpeakFree is an easy drinking tea safe for all ages. Benefiting the respiratory and digestive tract with the synergy of demulcent mullein, carminative (digestive juice stimulant) peppermint, restorative antimicrobial calendula, and soothing anti-inflammatory pectin from grapefruit peel. You can find it in store at West of 3rd or online here.

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