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Stagnation Preventing You From Enjoying Active Movement?

Enjoyable exercise is a cornerstone of a healthy, vibrant life, but sometimes it hurts too dang much. Stagnation is a cornerstone of inflammatory pain. Whether that be from chronic illness, like arthritis, knocking things loose following a sedentary lifestyle, or a minor injury that never healed completely, stagnation is the culprit for your inflammatory pain. There are 3 things I can count on when my body is overcome by inflammation from the very annoying psoriatic arthritis that flares up in my joints periodically. Of course, keeping my immune system in check with immune-modulating herbs and being mindful of my dietary triggers and stress levels are of utmost importance. But these three products sure help me get back on track when I lose focus.

You can find these items in store at West of 3rd, 224 Beale St or online in our store here >. Warm Me Up Muscle Rub Scrub Zen Roller Himalayan Pink Salt Roller Polar Pepper Salve

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