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Anti-Zit spot treatment

Anti-Zit spot treatment

Aloe based spot treatment made with

-Gunk-sucking, stimulating plant resins that help your deep blemishes come to a head to minimize damage while still allowing toxins/wastes out.

-Dissolve what’s blocking pores with salicylic acid from meadowsweet.

-Reduce pain and redness with anti-inflammatory antioxidants and soothing demulcent herbs.


Apply it directly to closed blemishes* before your final occlusive layer at bedtime or right before you slather on your SPF for the day.


It’s soothing, hydrating, stimulating, and easy to use in a cobalt glass vial and stainless steel roller ball applicator.


Ingredients: aloe vera, water, slippery elm, creosote, piñon pine, meadowsweet, organic cane ethanol.


* avoid direct application to open blemishes or unwashed skin to prevent contaminating microbes

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