Body Butter

Body Butter

Deep conditioning blends of plant butters and botanical infused oils. Seasonal sampler sets include three .5 oz slider tins


On the Mend- Sweet minty scent, beneficial for increasing circulation and healing lesions. Mango Butter+Arnica+Comfrey+Lambs Ear+Lavender+Hemp+Beeswax+Spearmint+Vitamin E Oil


Caffeinated- Rich cocoa and coffee, great for stretch marks and cellulite. 

Cocoa Butter+Arrowroot+Tapioca+Coffee Infused Jojoba Oil+Castor Oil+Beeswax+Vanilla Bean


Sleepy- Soothing and fruity scent, signals relaxation to body and brain. Shea Butter+Lavender+Catnip+Valerian+Hemp+Arrowroot+Tapioca+Beeswax+Lemon balm+Vitamin E Oil.


Reusable glass and tin containers can be refilled.