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Bright Under Eye Serum

Bright Under Eye Serum

Aloe based serum formulated specifically to target complaints of under-eye, bogginess, discoloration, sagging, and superficial dehydration.


Made with

-Caffeine and antioxidant-rich green tea.

-Whole rose hips extracted at peak freshness harnesses maximum Vitamin C content. ----------Hyaluronic acid from organic strawberries amp up hydration capacity.

-While immediately brightening turmeric helps manage dark circles as well as other skin discolorations.


Apply it directly to under eye area before your final occlusive layer at bedtime or right before you slather on your SPF for the day.


It’s stimulating, hydrating, brightening, and easy to use in a cobalt glass vial and stainless steel roller ball applicator.


  • Ingredients:

    Aloe vera, distilled water, slippery elm, strawberries, green tea, turmeric, rosehips, organic cane ethanol.

    *All ingredients sourced from small biodynamic farms and growers that may not be able to afford an offical organic certification. Rest assured the ingredeints are grown with more care, love, and attention to nature than a certification guarantees.

  • How To:

    On clean intact skin, rub cooling steel rollerball over target area. Allow product to absorb completely by tapping lightly into skin with clean fingertips. Immediately apply an occlusive layer over top. We suggest our Bright All Over Salve to compound the benefits. 

  • Something to Remember:

    Always perform patch test first on inner wrist to check for allergies.

    Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

    Avoid direct application to open blemishes or unwashed skin to prevent contaminating microbes.

    Avoid direct contact with eye and mucous memebranes.


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