Herbal Bath Tea

Herbal Bath Tea

Seasonal blends that target specific needs. Made with botanicals, specialty salts, and whole-food ingredients.  Large tea bags infuse a whole bathtub and make for easy cleanup. 


Lithe and Limber Ease inflammation and pain in the joint and muscle. Move stagnation of lymph, and built-up lactic acid. Epsom salt, eucalyptus, St. Johns wort, black pepper, meadowsweet, turmeric.


Peaceful Sleep Lull your brain and body into a deep restful sleep. Relax tense muscles, stimulate melatonin production, and soothe irritated itchy skin.  Epsom salt, aloe vera, lavender, catnip, valerian.


Satisfied Baby Soothe fussiness, release gas, and encourage sleep. Ease digestion through the stimulation of digestive juices. Safe for all ages. Epsom salt, fennel, lavender, fennel, catnip, frankincense.


Menses Manage discomfort associated with PMS and menstruation. Cramps, Headaches, and mood. Epsom salt, mugwort, skullcap, yarrow.


Oatmeal Soothing to irritated and sun-damaged skin. Oats, black grapes, rose, calendula.


Veridian Nymph Antioxidant-rich, moisturizing, and cleansing.  Channel your inner water goddess. Dead sea salt, french green clay, spearmint, kelp, spirulina, cranberry.

  • How To:

    Fill tub with warm water, drop tea bag, soak for 20+ minutes. Rinse tub after use. 


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