Herbal Beverage Blends

Herbal Beverage Blends

Seasonal herbal blends to promote beauty from the inside, out.  Plant powered to improve digestion, provide antioxidants, promote regularity, and assist your body's natural ability to rid itself of toxins.  The sampler includes four 2-4 serving vials of our herbal teas in reusable glass, changes seasonally.


Bonfire- smokey and bittersweet with aged fermented 2007 pu'ehr black tea, supreme beings shiitake, turkey tail, chaga, and lion's mane mushrooms. Best enjoyed over several steeps in a big pot between all your friends around a big warm campfire. 


Elderberry White- Clean and crisp aged snowbud tea finds a friend in pungent elderberry, vibrant cornflower, and tart rosehips. A tasty way to harness the immune benefits of elderberry.


Honeyed Citrus Spice- tart rosehip, citrus, warm spices, and strong notes of honey from bee pollen and elderflower. Gut mending pectin, blood sugar-regulating spices and immune-boosting flowers and pollen.


Elderberry Rooibos- Fruity rooibos is caffeine free and full of important vitamins and minerals.  This nutritious beverage is complemented by pungent elderberry, vibrant cornflower, and tart rosehips. A tasty way to harness the immune benefits of elderberry.


Speak Free- crisp and hydrating with mullein, spearmint, nutritive rosehips, and calendula. Manage microbial populations in mouth and throat.


Go With the Flow- velvety and smooth feeds your gastrointestinal friends and creates an ideal enviroment for digestion, assimilation, and evacuation. Best simmered low and slow for 10 minutes to get the most out of the herbal roots and aromatic seeds. 


Refurbish Matcha- Healthy fats and protein. Made with marine collagen, coconut milk powder, and skin perfecting fenugreek. Don't go out into the world on an empty stomach. 




Reusable metal tins can be refilled.