Herbal Beverage Blends

Herbal Beverage Blends

Seasonal herbal blends to promote beauty from the inside, out.  Plant powered to improve digestion, provide antioxidants, promote regularity, and assist your body's natural ability to rid itself of toxins.


Oatmeal Hug subtly sweet and creamy with nerve fortifying oats, pasture-raised collagen, warm spices. Beneficial for hair, skin, and nails


Garden Party musky sweet darjeeling tea balanced with cooling rose and sharp calendula


Berry Green  bright spring green tea with tart rosehip and sweet strawberries


Speakfree soothing mullein, cooling spearmint, and nutritious grapefruit, beneficial for respiratory system


Rest Easy Cool peppermint, soothing chamomile, and relaxing passionflower and skullcap ease you into a restorative sleep


Reusable metal tins can be refilled. 


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