Herbal Oil Pulling Mouthwash

Herbal Oil Pulling Mouthwash

Why yes, you read that right - this excellent elixir is both an oil pull and a mouthwash. Fancy a fix of fresh breath? Gargle a gulp for a stint to fend off the funk with clove and mint. On a quest to invest in your oral best? Savor a swig with glee to exile toxins with clove and sesame. So whether you need to rally for a stroll down a makeout alley, or embark on a trek to dislodge bacterial drek, our Oil Pulling Mouthwash has that secret sauce that'll keep you saying 'dang, this stuff is BAWSE!
Made in United States of America



Rose and Clove


Super Mint


  • Care Instructions

    To prevent premature spoilage, pour content into cup first.