Hydrate Jelly Masks

Hydrate Jelly Masks

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Agar-based jelly masks are the fastest way to rehydrate dehydrated complexions. 

This mask is best done with an extra set of helping hands or a jelly mask form like this or you can save and reuse a prepackaged one!


This mask changes seasonally to best serve your skin year-round. Variety is the key to health after all. This season we are working with moringa and jasmine. Our Moringa peel-off jelly mask is made with brigthening and  emollient (hydrating) jasmine, calming chamomile, and ceramide feeding moringa. A dream team for red irritated complexions. Gentle enough for all skin types. Use as needed or at least weekly for maximum benefit. 


One 1oz tube does a full face, four under-eye, five nose, or two t-zone applications.