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Lash Love: Growth Serum

Lash Love: Growth Serum

Introducing Lash Love: Growth Serum - the ultimate solution for achieving longer, thicker, and stronger lashes, brows, and hairs.


Our herbal-infused oil is formulated with a blend of fenugreek, nettle, dandelion, saw palmetto, broccoli seed oil, cold-pressed argan, mustard, and wheat germ oils to stimulate growth, remove makeup, and condition your lashes.


For even deeper color and healthier new growth, use in tandem with our Streamlined brow gel.


Our BPA-free tube comes with an easy-to-use applicator wand, making it convenient to incorporate into your daily routine.


Get ready to enhance your natural beauty with Lash Love: Growth Serum.

  • How To:

    Scrape edges against tube to remove excess product.

    Cover lashes and brows.

    Massage gently with fingers.

    Wipe with a warm wash cloth.

    Practice sensible lash and brow care, use gentle makeup products, always remove makeup before bed, avoid tugging and picking, take it easy on the lash curlers, support beneficial microbes by limiting use of steroidal, antibacterial, and harsh surfactant products,  stimulate daily by brushing in multiple directions. 

  • Ingredients:

    Ingredients: Saw palmeto+fenugreek+rose+calendula infused cold pressed argan, mustard, wheat germ , broccoli seed, and pumpkin seed oils, vitamin E


    *All ingredients sourced from small biodynamic farms and growers that may not be able to afford an offical organic certification. Rest assured the ingredeints are grown with more care, love, and attention to nature than a certification guarantees.

  • Something to Remember:

    Always perform patch test first on inner wrist to check for allergies.

    Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

    Avoid direct application to open blemishes or unwashed skin to prevent contaminating microbes.

    Avoid direct contact with eye and mucous memebranes.

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