Magnesium Body Sprays

Magnesium Body Sprays

Food grade magnesium chloride absorbs easily into the skin. Feeding the nerves and facilitating healthy collagen production. 100% essential oil blends.


Simply spritz over your entire body after showering, massaging into sore muscles and joints. Refresh as needed.


LoverBird- Embrace your dreamy romantic side with this flirty floral scent. Made with GERANIUM, LAVENDER, and PEPPERMINT.


Serenity- Stimulate your placid, happy-go-lucky state with this uplifting fruity scent. Made with MANDARIN, YLANG-YLANG, and SPEARMINT.


Wood Nymph- Channel your inner earth child with this clean woodsy scent. Made with PATCHOULI, SCOTCH PINE, AMYRIS, and LITSEA


Unscented- All the skin and nerve feeding benefit, none of the smell. No added essential oils.