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Magnesium Body Sprays

Magnesium Body Sprays

Food grade magnesium chloride absorbs easily into the skin, feeding the nerves and facilitating healthy collagen production.


Magnesium is the most common mineral for deficiency, as cortisol (the stress hormone) uses it up. More stress = Less Magnesium


Suggestions: Simply spritz over your entire body after showering, massaging into sore muscles and joints. Refresh as needed.




LoverBird- Embrace your dreamy romantic side with this flirty floral scent. Made with GERANIUM, LAVENDER, and PEPPERMINT. Featuring HIBISCUS and  BLUE LOTUS PETALS


Sunshine- Stimulate your placid, happy-go-lucky state with this uplifting fruity scent. Made with MANDARIN, YLANG-YLANG, and SPEARMINT. Featuring CALENDULA 


Wood Nymph- Channel your inner earth child with this clean woodsy scent. Made with PATCHOULI, PINE, AMYRIS, and LITSEA. Featuring CINNAMON


Unbothered- Calm angry skin and center the mind with a spicy floral scent. Made with LAVENDER, CLARY SAGE, TANGERINE, VETIVER,  YLANG YLANG, and BLUE TANSY. Featuring WITCH HAZEL and BUTTERFLY PEA.



Unscented- All the skin and nerve feeding benefit, none of the smell.


Discontinue use if visible irritation occurs. *slight sting is to be expected and a good indicator for how deficient you are in magnesium. We encourage you to talk to you doctor if the sting persists with regular use as more significant supplementation may be needed.

  • Ingredients:

    Distilled water, magnesium chloride, essential oil blend

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