Massage Oils

Massage Oils

Botanically active herb and oil blends, formulated to address specific skincare needs. Long lasting lubrication from plant sources. Conveniet dropper top for ease of use during massage.


Queen of the Nile- Encourages healthy hair growth, supple smooth skin, and a warm and exotic scent when warmed up. Australian Sandalwood+Frankincense+Myrrh+Castor Oil+Wheat Germ Oil+Mustard Seed Oil+Argan Oil.


Peaceful Sleep- Signals to your brain and body it is time to sleep. a luxurious routine to encourage healthy circadian rhythms. Valerian+Lavender+Catnip+Hemp+Lemon Balm


Balance-The outdoorsy's best friend. Repairs damage from sun and wind soothes inflammation, balances the mind, and relaxes muscles. Creosote+Peppermint+Grape Seed+Litsea


Menses- Manage discomfort associated with PMS and menstruation.  Eucalyptus+Skullcap+Mugwort+Vitex+Yarrow+Clove+Castor Oil+Geranium


Bothered- Cools down overheated, overworked bodies, relieves aches and pains, and relaxes overstimulated nerves. Meadowsweet+Yarrow+Grape Seed Oil+Jojoba Oil+Lemon Balm


Caffeinated- Increases circulation of blood and lymph and encourages the redistribution of fat cells. Beneficial for cellulite and stagnation. Coffee+Vanilla Bean+Jojoba Oil+Hazelnut Oil


Designed to complement our Herbal Bath teas and Soaks. Reusable glass bottle can be refilled.

  • How To:

    After an invigorating dry brush massage, warm a blob in your hands. Massage in a circular motion over the entire body, massaging until comfortably absorbed.