Room Detox Smudge Spray

Room Detox Smudge Spray

Fragrant and cleansing smudge bundle in a bottle. A smokeless option for clearing space, cleaning the air, and grounding your soul. Made with protective Himilayan pink salt and whole plant infusions. Easy to use mister in a 4oz UV protective cobalt glass bottle.


Home-grown White Sage+Rosemary-  Crisp and energizing. 

Patchouli+Meadowsweet- Grounding earthiness kissed by sugar.

  • How to

    In places smoke is not appreciated, a few quick spritzes with a positive thought an open window to banish the bad vibes from your space. 

    Your space at work.
    Your car.
    Your locker at the gym.
    Your hotel room.
    Your body during a difficult moment.

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