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SpeakFree Herbal Tea

SpeakFree Herbal Tea

Immune support specialized for the high desert.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure- Benjamin Franklin"

Keeping toned and hydrated mucosal membranes are essential to prevent opportunistic microbes and pollutants from settling in and making you sick.


Wildcrafted mullein is the perfect demulcent (mucilage producing) herb from our high desert climate that benefits all the protective mucous membranes in our bodies. Turning congestion and stagnantion into a free flowing paradise for the microbes that keep you healthy and happy.


We pair this mucilage with antimicrobial calendula that acts as a soothing toner for this same landscape. Releasing backed up lymphatic fluid, creating a restorative layer on injured mucosal membranes, and reestablishing order in the microbiota society in your gut. Calendula is anti-inflammatory royalty.


Now that we have initiated repair of the infastructure of your microbiome we can feed the good microbes with pectins. Opportunistic gram positive bacteria and fungal spores dont like the pectin from Arizona grown grapefruit peels but other more protective bacterial strains love it! This creates balance among the microbe colonies, not allowing one variety to dominate over the other. A well populated gut microbiome is the key to a strong and resilient immune system. 


Sweet, stimulating peppermint initiates gastric juices. Saliva, stomach acid, and bile are all important for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Improper digestion is the cornerstone of all disease. You can eat all the colors of the rainbow and choose whole foods all you want but without the proper gastric secretions to break them down you wont be getting the nutrients. Deficiency starts with indigestion and a weak microbiome. 


This gentle tonic blend is available all year round in 4oz and 8oz resuable tins. (measured by volume) BPA free 


All herbs are grown or wildcrafted ethically. Pesticide/herbicide free in biodynamic gardens or in the wilds Arizona. Support small farms and gardens over certified corporations first!


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