Synergistic Serum

Synergistic Serum

Step three in a three-part system. Herbal and whole-food blends that are seasonally inspired based on our high desert climate. A multi-use product formulated to cater to your specific complexion. We have three skincare lines designed to regulate and normalize oily//acne prone (SPOTLESS), Dry//mature (REFURBISH), or combination//bipolar complexions (EQUILIBRIUM). Use just a few drops daily as a barrier to keep hydration in or lube up your skin with a deeper penetrating massage. Reusable 1oz glass dropper bottle can be refilled seasonally.


Current Blends:


Spotless- broccoli seed oil, cucmber seed oil, carrot seed and dil seed formulated to jumpstart the healing process, encouraging healthy skin cell development, and regulating oil production. Ideal for Blemished, sun-damaged, and overly oily complexions. 


Equilibrium- hemp seed oil, cucumber seed oil, spearmint formulated to balance oil confused sebum glands, bulk up skin cells, and mediate melanin production. Ideal for patchy, easily irritated, and sun-sensitive complexions.


Refurbish- rose hip oil, cucumber seed oil, rose absolute formulated to move stagnation, soothe dehydrated skin, and prevent further sun damage. Ideal for thin, waxy, and dehydrated complexions. 

  • How To:

    For daily use. Massage 5-7 drops over entire face after using a gentle cleanser and one of  our pore refining toners.

    Once or twice a week. Massage in a whole dropper full for 10-20 minutes. We suggest a hydrating hydro jelly mask beforehand.