Tooth Powder

Clay based tooth cleansing powder with xylitol, Himilayan pink salt, and mouth friendly essential oils. Synthetic flouride free, gentle whitening, and microbe regulating toothpaste alternative. No syntheic fragrances/flavors, preservatives, pthalates, parabens or sulfates. Reusable glass jar can be refilled.


Cinnamon- Sweet and spicy Bentonite clay+Himalayan Pink Salt+Birch Derived Xylitol+Cinnamon+Lemon


Mandarin- Fruity and mild Bentonite clay+Himalayan Pink Salt+Birch Derived Xylitol+Mandarin


Toof- Balance microbial populations Bentonite clay+Himalayan Pink Salt+Birch Derived Xylitol+Tea Tree+Peppermint


Glitz- Supercharged whitening Activated Bamboo Charcoal+Himalayan Pink Salt+Birch Derived Xylitol+Spearmint+Lemon+Peppermint

  • How To:

    Floss, dip dry toothbrush into powder, 
    tap off excess, massage gently over teeth and gums, rinse with one of our herbal mouthwashes. For natural whitening benefit let sit on teeth for 5 minutes before rinsing. 


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