Tooth Powder

Tooth Powder

Clay based tooth cleansing powder with xylitol, Himilayan pink salt, and mouth friendly essential oils. Synthetic flouride free, gentle whitening, and microbe regulating toothpaste alternative. No syntheic fragrances/flavors, preservatives, pthalates, parabens or sulfates. Reusable glass jar can be refilled.


Cinnamon- Sweet and spicy Bentonite clay+Himalayan Pink Salt+Birch Derived Xylitol+Cinnamon+Lemon


Mandarin- Fruity and mild Bentonite clay+Himalayan Pink Salt+Birch Derived Xylitol+Mandarin


Toof- Balance microbial populations Bentonite clay+Himalayan Pink Salt+Birch Derived Xylitol+Tea Tree+Peppermint


Glitz- Supercharged whitening Activated Bamboo Charcoal+Himalayan Pink Salt+Birch Derived Xylitol+Spearmint+Lemon+Peppermint

  • How To:

    Floss, dip dry toothbrush into powder, 
    tap off excess, massage gently over teeth and gums, rinse with one of our herbal mouthwashes. For natural whitening benefit let sit on teeth for 5 minutes before rinsing.