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Triple Mint Pulling Oil

Triple Mint Pulling Oil

Tired of modern *spicy* mouthwash bullying your tastebuds and drying out your mouth?

Oil pulling is an ancient practice, utilizing stimulating oils to exercise facial muscles, regulate microbes, and irrigate the gingiva around your teeth. A deeeeeeep clean without the burn.


We infused our 3 favorite mints (peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen) into ricin-free castor oil. Castor is great for attracting the lipophilic wastes and toxins produced by the microbes living in your mouth. This is especially helpful in the morning after microbes have had a long night of partying in your inactive mouth. We paired this already cleansing oil with black cumin seed oil to really get the purge process started. Black cumin is great at stimulating saliva and digestive bile in the GI tract. Hooray for a cleaner mouth and better digestion! 


The flavor is mildly sweet, refreshingly minty, and not at all imposing on the rest of your day. 


Directions: Use the included dropper to dispense 1-2 dropper fulls of the oil directly into mouth. Swish for 2 minutes. Spit. Smile. Your facial muscles will get a good workout, goodbye double chin and jowls! 


8oz aluminum bottle is refillable or easily recycled. 



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